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Sending O&M information:

To send your information to us please go to a project and follow the instructions to upload files. - No password is required for this action -

Using this facility automatically creates an audit trail of material submitted so nothing can get lost. You can check the 'supplied files' tab for the project.


Please note that standard templates can be downloaded by clicking on the link in the right hand column under the heading marked 'Templates'. If you save the file onto your desktop you will see that it is a Word document with headings for all the information we are looking for (not all is required in each case). Fill in the details, save it, and upload the file (see above) along with any other associated files.


Our preferred file types are

General narrative information: Word .doc
Manufacturers info: PDF or Word
CAD Drawings: DWG
Signed Certificates (scanned): PDF
Data testing (Fluke meter): FLW

In most cases we can convert file formats and convert layouts into a standard style as necessary. 


We aim to create a first draft early on in the project.  Obviously this will not include final certification or As Built drawings, but there is normally no reason not to get all the narrative details  (scope of works, maintenance, manufacturers literature etc) agreed as soon as possible.

If a schedules of Certificates and As Built drawings can also be supplied, we can ensure that they are tracked and added as they become available.  

The first draft will be reviewed by the professional team and any feedback tracked through the 'Review' tab for the project. 

A nearly complete Handover version should be provided at project handover. 

The final copy (including print versions if required) will be provided as soon as all final snagging issues have been resolved and changes to documentation (including drawings and certificates) have been supplied.


If you have any questions please call us on 01424 858 114.

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