Meet The Team

Our staff are all experts in slightly different areas of technology which gives us a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to creating the right solution for your business. Collectively, we have more years of programming experience than the first Turing machine is old and we have a wealth of experience in delivering IT projects on time and within budget.

Stephen Milton BSc (ARCS) MBA

Position: Managing Director

Stephen combines wide senior management experience with a background in science and years of experience of implementing IT projects for SME companies.

"I set up Denaploy because I believed (and still do) that the rapid evolution of IT technology was causing a significant disruption to traditional supply chain relationships and that opens opportunities for aggressive companies to carve out new areas of commercial advantage."

Nigel Taylor BSc

Position: Director

A full stack developer with 2 young children, a passion for gardening and mountain bike riding (not at the same time) along with workaholic tendencies there's never a dull moment in Nigel's life.

After 15 years of programming, many new technologies have come to the fore giving Nigel a range of skills that are second to none. Coupled with a sound knowledge of business and the problems that need solving there is no better person to have working with you in an age increasingly dependent on Information Technology.

David Radley

Position: Web Applications Developer

As a full stack developer David's role is to make sure that everyone can develop using the latest technologies, and work to the agile software development methodology.

Proper planning throughout all stages ensures projects are developed to tight timescales, are to the customers’ requirements, remain error free, and keeps the amount of aftercare and future development costs to a minimum.

Joe Shaw

Position: Web and Applications Developer

Joe Shaw joined Denaploy in 2008 as a web/application developer specialising in .Net.

With a strong background in web and database development, Joe is a great addition to the Denaploy team.

Outside of work Joe likes to go cycling, watch movies and read books.

Christiaan Brandt

Position: Operations and Maintenance Manuals Specialist

Christiaan grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, and moved to England in 2006.

Having grown up around building development projects run by his father’s business, he has an immediate understanding for what is needed to make O&M manuals both meet the demands of the contractor, and be of use to the end user.

In his spare time Chris is a psytrance music producer and DJ.

Gary Williams

Position: Operations and Maintenance Manuals Specialist

Gary joined Denaploy in 2009 to help with the ever growing Operations & Maintenance manuals side of the business.

Gary has a proven record in computer skills, administration and customer service which will make him a great asset within the Denaploy team.

Outside of work Gary likes socialising and plays guitar in a local band.

Roger Davies

Position: Fish4Flies Manager

Roger Davies is happily married with a teenager daughter, a business entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and honorary eccentric.   Roger enjoys doing things out of the norm, and has completed the Polar Race 2009, Tough Man challenge and has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

Activities range from being a passionate international fly fisherman, veteran of 5 Tough Guy races to the sobering world of counselling – All done with commitment, humour and gusto!

Lee Degiorgio

Position: Software Engineer

Lee joined Denaploy in 2010 and is the Android mobile platform, HTML5 and CSS specialist.

Aswell as being skilled in these area's, Lee has a good eye for detail with design and the implementation of designs onto the web.   Outside of Denaploy Lee enjoys socialising and staying up to date with the latest computers and gadgets.

Geoffrey Baker

Position: Network Engineer

Geoffrey is a specialist in Windows Server/workstation setup, system management and troubleshooting, Network Engineering and VAX/VMS system management.  

Outside of work Geoff enjoys photography, travel, technology, music and going to concerts.

You can view  here some of Geoff's photography work.  

Kevin Hill

Kevin Hill

Position: Business Developer

With three decades of Sales and Business Development experience, encompassing entreprenaurial start-ups through to Blue Chip multinationals, Kevin is our Business Partnership consultant. As such he has responsibility for growing Denaploy Manuals' presence nationwide via our franchising opportunity.

Outside of Denaploy, as a motor boat owner he's committee member of a local boat club, music producer and vocalist, occasional film extra, and regresses fully to his childhood when mentoring his two pre-teen daughters!