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Handover dates for phases (separate manuals or buildings) - One line per manual.

If there’s a requirement for a more comprehensive sign-off of the manual (s), in addition to a simple review by the Main Contractor, we have a formal procedure enabling us to manage the process on your behalf.

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Asset Registers

A simple asset register is provided by default. Click here to view

Increasingly, more complicated asset registers are required which can be directly fed into Facilities Management systems. It is imperative that any such requirement is agreed early in the project document design. Options that are available are:

Regulation 38

Since the Grenfell Tower fire, new regulations have been introduced to ensure buildings have an up-to-date record of all fire control systems installed – click here for more details. We can compile all information required to meet the Regulation 38 requirements, for subsequent inclusion in the O&M manual.

User Guides

If this is a development for multiple dwellings, it is likely that you will be asked to deliver User Guides for each dwelling. Please click on the ‘yes’ to add this to the quotation.

Typically this type of development will have several ‘types’ of dwelling for which we will create an individual template, and then the customised data for each dwelling is merged into the template to produce an individual user guide.

Technical Authoring

In most cases the sub-contractors are responsible for creating their own technical submissions for the O&Ms. If this is not the case we can provide a technical authoring service

Our qualified and experienced technical authors will work with you to write manual(s) for Mechanical and/or Electrical packages within a main project.

These can be in the Denaploy standard format or built round the client O&M application, but will be managed using our standard collaboration tools for collecting information and tracking reviews

Technical Elements
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Other Technical Services

Print Preparation

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