Making manuals that work

We are a specialist supplier of High-Quality Digital H&S /O&M manuals that are easy for your clients to use and navigate, and enable them to gain the best possible value in understanding the details of the construction project that you are handing over to them.

Our roots are in the IT sector and over the last 10 years we have delivered documentation on over £2.5bn of construction projects of all scales, from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to a toilet block in a hospital. As you can see from our client list, we work with many of the biggest names in the Construction Industry.

Compiling information from all subcontractors and consultants into a consistent set of documents that are fully compliant with CDM 2015 and are easy to navigate. We work with you from the beginning of the project so we can clarify details of the manual and prepare sub-contractors for delivery.



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