O&M Manuals for Main Contractors
M&E Technical Authoring


You can have O&M manuals created in the Denaploy standard format using this collaboration website, or have your own bespoke set of information with your own branding throughout.

Note: The actual O&M manuals are each published to CD or DVD or website and include all the product literature, record drawings, certificates etc. If you wish to review or obtain a copy of the O&M manual please call us on 01424 869255 to request a copy of the CD. See http://wview.denaploy.co.uk/public/ for an example.

A digital O&M manual is better than paper

  • Easier to search
  • Easier to copy
  • Easier to distribute to those that need it
  • All on a single CD, DVD or flash drive.
  • Web versions also available

Building an O&M manual is about managing detail

We work with the project team and all the subcontractors to accumulate details on everything from air conditioning plant to carpet tiles, from record drawings and certificates to contact names and addresses.

Consistent style and format

Everything is converted to a consistent style and format that makes it easy for the end user to navigate to the information they need, when they need it. 

And if you want a paper copy..

And finally, for those that are not comfortable working from a screen, the digital O&M manual can be converted to a print format, which is even better than the traditional version because it includes accurate page numbering and full indexing.

Traditional paper based O&M manuals are made up from many bulky lever arch files full of paper.

The disadvantages of the paper based system are:

  • They take up a lot of space.
  • Therefore they are seldom available to the people that need them at the moment they need them.
  • And even if you can find it when you need it, the page you are looking for will inevitably have gone missing..

Today, people are increasingly comfortable with searching for information on their computers. We are producing the O&M manual as a fully interactive digital CD. This overcomes all the problems of paper and creates the O&M manual in a modern and easy to search digital record of the work undertaken. Please note that the O&M manual is not a scanned version of a paper O&M manual.

Our aim is to obtain all the documentation in a digital format.

In order to achieve this we work closely with all subcontractors and members of the project team. We provide a website where they can upload their contribution in an open manner that provides a solid audit trail of all information submitted.

The information provided is then integrated into a common format that has a strong internal navigational structure that is consistent and easy to use for all those that may wish to access the O&M manual.

The CD also includes any software that you might need to read some of the more specialised files such as Fluke testing results, .DWF and DWG CAD files, etc.

For those wishing to maintain a paper record, the digital O&M manual can be modified to provide a well structured paper file with accurate page numbering and indexing.