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A collection of construction bloopers

We hope that you enjoy this compilation of videos.

Just hope that that none of them feature you!

Compilation of Amusing Images

From the funniest to the damn right insane

Chimney Collapse

Next time you decide to pull down a large chimney with a truck, make sure that you clear the area first...


A series of clips of construction mishaps around the home, with a pretty painful looking accident at the end.

An Unfortunate Accident at a Construction Site For One Worker...

Most probably the worst day of one chaps life caught on celluloid.  Hilarious.

A Different Kind of Property Crash

Demolishing a building has to be pretty simple right?  Wrong... According to this very bizarre incident.

How not to Unload a Digger

This clip demonstrates how not to unload a digger into the back of a dumper.

Dismantling Scaffolding

These Japanese construction workers sure have an interesting way of dismantling scaffolding... This wouldn't be allowed in the UK!



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