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How to cost justify our service: Typical savings on a £3m refit project

                    Nobody likes project documentation.........Except us!

Pressure on the project manager of producing O&M manuals at the end of a job:

  •                                           Final snagging issues
  •                                           Team being dissolved
  •                                           Site office being dismantled

                    Reduce the risk of incurring costs from

Arrow down left Arrow down right
Extra weeks spent
on a project
£2000 per project
Hired Admin
£4000 per project

Retentions due
to late O&M's
£3000 per project
(Example: £1m retention
for 2 weeks @ 8%pa interest)

                                               So what can be done?

By changing the way that you produce O&M manuals as per diagram b):

3 million pound project From project to Arch files Eg. £15,000 per project
3 million pound project From the project to a structured online O&M manual Saving estimated at 20% Eg.£3,000 per project

                You could be saving all of the highlighted costs totalling £12,000

Because Denaploy's O&M manual service is:
  • Simpler - One format used by all sub-contractors
  • Easier - One area to upload information
  • Audit trailed - Know ‘at a glance’ what is needed
  • Electronic - Documents do not go missing
  • Managed Process - We do most of the chasing
Because Denaploy's O&M manuals are:
Slimline and Fast O&M Manaul
  • Consistent
  • Formatted
  • Accurate
  • Page Numbered
  • Fully Indexed

You produce a better quality O&M £PRICELESS

Our cost for building these O&M manuals is less than £4,000 per project

Fully Indexed, hassle Free Operations and Maintainance(O&M) Manuals