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July 2021 update

Throughout the pandemic to date, we have maintained a support team for those projects that have kept going throughout.  As we go into July and the Flexible Furlough scheme is available, we are building up the teams to match demand as our industry slowly returns to life. 
The Denaploy team have all weathered the storm so far and are being very careful to avoid catching or spreading the virus.

April 2020

We are carefully monitoring the Coronavirus pandemic and making daily decisions about our business operations and staff wellbeing – as I’m sure you are too. For Denaploy, the health and safety of our team, our partners, and our clients is our number-one priority. To this end, I want to take a moment to explain what we have done to date and what we will be doing moving forward as this situation evolves.

Denaploy has always had a comprehensive business continuity plan (“BCP”) in place and we have now updated it to incorporate planning around the coronavirus outbreak. Beyond this, we have ensured that our teams have the resources they need to work remotely and deliver for our clients without disruption should they need to. Our investment in technology over the years makes this an easy task for our business. In addition, we are making the following common-sense changes to our travel and meeting policies:

We have confirmed that no-one on our teams in any office has travelled to Level II or Level III locations – as defined by the CDC/ECDC/WHO/FCO – in the past 2 weeks and we have restricted any business travel to these areas moving forward.

We are eliminating any non-essential business travel.

We are monitoring the situation carefully and may extend our response at any time.

Our first obligation is to prevent the team getting the virus

o   Good hygiene as per the NHS advise already circulated

o   No sharing of any mugs/ cutlery etc

o   If anybody shows any symptoms they must immediately self-isolate and obtain a test

·         All staff now have the facility to work from home via a VPN link to the office

o   If anybody is required to self-isolate they will be able to continue to work as normal as long as they are well enough

o   If our offices in the Innovation Centre were to be closed, everybody would be able to work from home.  We will implement a group conference call each day at 9am to manage workloads and issues.

o   If anybody actually becomes ill and is unable to work, then they need to register the problem and we will be able to immediately claim Statutory Sick Pay under the changes introduced by the budget today.

·         Please communicate with all our customers and explain that we are trying to avoid site visits for the next few weeks while there is so much uncertainty so as to reduce the risk of contagion.

o   We have the technology at every desk to provide screen sharing conference calls which can be used for assisting in the review of manuals and training in the use of the manuals either to our customers or direct to their client’s team.

o   These actions are being taken to ensure that we are able to continue to provide a high level service even in a worst case scenario of wide spread problems (as in Italy).

We obviously hope that this will be a short term measure and it is worth remembering that in the vast majority of cases of infections, the illness is no worse than a bad dose of the flu.

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