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Making O&M manuals useful (not just an annoying legal requirement)

One of the reasons O&M manuals are so disparaged is that they are never there when you need them!

Well now the facilities manager can walk around with them on his/her key ring. This mini flash drive can holds the entire manual including 

Denaploy FlashDrive


  • All the drawings and the software needed to view them (via a free a DWG reader program included). 
  • Full details of all the manufacturers' literature.
  • Contact details of all those you might need to consult.
  • Data cabling network details (via fluke files  and software) 

Because it is all available at the nearest PC terminals, it is easer than ever before to consult the document as one should, with no risk that the vital page or drawing has been removed by the last person who needed it 

Denaploy has been delivering manuals as fully interactive digital documents, for years.  But it is only the recent advent of these high capacity mini drives that has enabled this level of convenience.




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