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At Denaploy, collaboration with our clients is a key focus – we value building long-term relationships with main contractors and helping them to deliver exceptional projects. Most Main Contractors really hate the documentation side of the business, whereas we at Denaploy have made it our specialist subject. We have developed an IT platform that enables us to manage the large quantities of data and organise it into a coherent and easy to use manual. We also train everybody in our team to be able to assist both project managers and sub-contractors in gathering everything that is needed.   

We work on a wide range of project sizes, ranging from a £100,000 toilet block in a hospital to The THFC football stadium.  We have a range of collaboration tools to make progress towards handover, transparent and to manage a simple and helpful review process.

We offer training to all document controller sub-contractors to use our systems effectively so they can easily upload documents to the file management system, which sits on a secure server in our UK headquarters. Every interaction is tracked, including telephone conversations, so all the information you need is in one place. As more sub-contractors become familiar with our systems, the cost of producing manuals reduces so these savings can be passed on to our clients with lower prices. What's more, these project manuals represent a key handover offering as an invaluable aid to maintaining the asset once the project is complete.


When we are working on more than one project for a main contractor, our Rapid information Data Retrieval (RiDR) system allows us to group individual projects for a single client or multiple projects within the one site. This system, branded as a white label site for our client, enables Denaploy to provide a single data resource for the main contractor for instant access to all data. It can also be offered to regular customers of the main contractor who have multiple sites and wish to have a single source of all documentation.

Why work with us? We've been in business since 1989 and to date creating O&M manuals, Denaploy documented around £3.5 billion of projects for some of the most demanding sites, clients - and their consultants - that could possibly be encountered. 

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