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New VAT regulations for CIS

From 1st March those supplying construction services to a VAT registered customer (typically a Main Contractor) will no longer have to account for VAT. Instead, the customer (Main Contractor) will account for the VAT- known as the reverse charge.


These changes apply if you are registered for VAT and provide supplies of building and construction services within the scope of the CIS. The Construction Industry Scheme only covers contractors and sub-contractors who work in the construction industry.


Work covered by the scheme includes construction work to permanent or temporary buildings or structures and civil engineering work such as roads and bridges. Further details available here.


There are exceptions to the scheme if you do certain types of work. For example, the provision of digital Operations and Maintenance manuals is not covered by the scheme as we do not work on-site.


Please note that the provision of documentation services provided by Denaploy Limited are specifically excluded from the CIS and therefore the VAT rules applicable from 1 March do not apply. We will therefore continue to apply VAT to our invoices.

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