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Thousands saved on refrigerators thanks to O&M Manual and Ridr system.

A great story to tell, recently one of our clients contacted us about refrigerators they had to replace in one of their projects and for 120 further sites for a number of reasons. Using the manual we provided for them and the Ridr (Rapid intelligent Data Retrieval) system we use. Rather than searching the whole manual we were able to pinpoint the refrigerators and the warranty status revealing that they are still under warranty and could be returned or replaced rather than being stuck with 120 refrigerators at a significant cost.


Our Ridr system.

It works as a simple search function, let’s say a fire detector – a ‘2251EM photo-electronic sensor’- is showing a fault. You simply use Ridr type in 2251EM and hit return. Instantly you get a couple of hits. One is the word document from your asset list which will include the information on who installed it and the other is a pdf of the product literature. It is so intuitive it can search not just the current site but all the sites and projects that these fire detectors are present, so no detectors are missed.